A lion does not lose sleep over the opinion of sheep - Necklace -Stainless Steel


Striving for your goals can get tough. Sometimes striving for your goals can be made even tougher due to the words of naysayers and doubters. "A lion does not lose sleep over the opinion of sheep" is a metaphorical statement which will serve as a reminder to keep a strong resolve, irrespective of those who may doubt you.

If you have lofty goals... This necklace was built for you.


*Quote is on both sides of the pendant

Pendant Materials: Stainless Steel, silver plated

Chain Material: Titanium steel

Pendant Dimensions: 19mm x 45mm

Chain Length Options: 
*20in (50.8cm)
*25in (63.5cm)

Chain Width: 3mm

Packaging: Packaged in high end matte laminated jewellery box.

Free Shipping: Worldwide Shipping Tracked. Typically takes 5-10 working days via Royal Mail.